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At Devol & Associates, our attorneys possess a wealth of experience providing comprehensive legal representation for numerous Native American tribes throughout Oklahoma.


While we are located in Edmond in the Oklahoma City area, we have worked for approximately 20 tribes throughout the state on all types of complex legal issues. Our lawyers put their deep knowledge of tax law, estate law, business law and litigation to use on behalf of tribal clients who need effective solutions.


Tribal Law


Helping Tribes Resolve Many Of Their Most Pressing Legal Needs


In Oklahoma and throughout the United States, tribes are essentially treated as their own states and business entities, with separate laws and regulations to deal with. We can assist with all manner of legal needs, including:


  • Writing statutory language and advising on governance issues
  • Economic development, including business acquisitions and financial planning for commercial activities
  • Negotiating and reviewing contracts with outside businesses and vendors
  • Regulatory compliance, including federal gaming regulations
  • Business organization and tax planning


Whether you are part of a tribal entity or wish to do business with a tribe, we understand how intimidating this area of the law can seem. We are also aware of how important it is for tribes to be able to successfully conduct business to provide services for members. You can put your trust in our attorneys to provide you with the forward-thinking, practical legal advice you need to protect your best interests.

Call Devol & Associates To Find Out More

Not many law firms in Oklahoma have the type of experience that our lawyers have dealing with these matters. If you have questions about the work we do on behalf of Native American tribes, please contact our law firm today at 405-225-3726 to schedule a consultation.


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